Feb. 15, 2018

The Wine and Craft Beer of Boerne

Picture it: a warm Spring day, a cool, calming breeze, and your fingers wrapped around the stem of a wine glass or the neck of a bottle. Nothing could be more calming than a day spent in the Texas Hill Country visiting all the wineries and breweries that Boerne has to offer.


If you plan on making the rounds, you can start at The Boerne Wine Company in the heart of Boerne. Located just right off Main Street, while sipping on award-winning selections you can enjoy the all the charm that Boerne has to offer.


If you prefer a nice cold beer over wine, Boerne Brewery is a must-see stop for you. This hotspot for great drinks and local brews is accredited with naming Berges Fest, which annually features all of their bestsellers in a city-wide celebration. This company is a staple in Boerne, so be sure that you don’t miss out!


Next on your list should be Sister Creek Vineyards, which is located just a few miles down Sisterdale highway. This unique gem is celebrating its 30 year anniversary in 2018! There is no better example of southern hospitality and no winery more beautiful than this. The staff is knowledgeable about their craft so no matter if you are a seasoned wine connoisseur or just seeking a pleasant afternoon, Sister Creek Vineyards is sure to be memorable.  



Another microbrewery that should absolutely be on your radar is a local favorite. The Dodging Duck Brewhaus not only has an excellent selection of craft beers, it also houses award-winning cuisine and one of the largest wine selections in the area. On top of that, The Dodging Duck overlooks the river and the walking trail so you can enjoy both your meal and the calming scenery.


Another up and coming spot located off of Main Street is the Cibolo Creek Brewing Company. If you want to enjoy a wonderful evening outside filled with some of the best eats and drinks in Boerne be sure to make a note. The menu provides a refreshing selection of cuisine and drinks alike. With ample amounts of outdoor seating, you are sure to take in the charm of Boerne that comes with its soft Spring days.

Whether you want to taste the best wine that the area has to offer, feast on amazing food, or savor craft beers, Boerne provides plenty of opportunities. Make sure to set aside an evening this Spring and take in every sip the Hill Country pours into your cup.

Feb. 8, 2018

Find Your Community at the Patrick Heath Public Library

Should you ever find yourself with time throughout the day, you should head over to the Patrick Heath Public Library and explore the gem of Boerne, Texas.

Whether you are craving a new book, searching for a way to find community in Boerne, or just looking for something enjoyable to do, the library has just about everything. From groups that meet on a weekly or monthly basis to stand alone events that are unforgettable, the public library in Boerne is anything but boring.

The library is home to thousands of books ranging anywhere from the history of the Japanese language to the massive children’s library. No matter what you are searching for in a book, you can be sure that you will find it there.


Along with the physical copies they have, Patrick Heath has an online library so you can check out books on the go from a tablet or even your phone. After setting up a library card you can access the huge selection of books available on the app OverDrive

If you are more the cinematic type, the library also loans out a large selection of movies of all genres. Make sure you check if the library has the movie you have been dying to see before you rent it!

If you want to head over to the public library to find people with similar interests, be sure to check out their calendar of events. You are certain to find community as the groups that meet up discuss anything from conversational French (meetings are every second and fourth Thursday of every month at 1:00 pm) to drawing (meetings are every Thursday at 1:30 pm). 

There are also events for children! Every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:30 am there is a story put on for children ages two to five and every Wednesday at 9:30 am there is a playtime for children ages 0-2. If your children are a little older make sure they attend the board game nights every Friday at 3:30 for kindergarten through fifth graders.

Along with repeating meetups, the library hosts several one time events throughout the year such as the upcoming PAWS 4 Reading event where you can settle in with a great book and a trained service dog (February 10th at 10:00 am) or the Candyland event put on in the youth room where they are bringing the classic board game to life (February 10th from 10:30 to 11:30 am).

If you are driving past the library, be sure to look for the sign that the bookstore is open! The library will open up the shop under the windmill every Friday and Saturday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm so be sure to stop by and grab your next read for a bargain!

The library is also on beautiful grounds so if you need pictures taken for whatever occasion, make it a stop on your trip. Around prom season and whenever the pumpkins are out, don’t be surprised when you see more than a few groups snapping shots around the building!

Whatever it is that you are searching for, the Patrick Heath Public Library is sure to provide so settle in with a good book and a great community in the heart of the Texas Hill Country.

Feb. 5, 2018

January 2018 | Texas Hill Country Market Trends


Extensive detailed market reports covering our Texas hill country market areas can be accessed at the links below. 


(Please note: The links to the .pdf reports expire in 30 days. Large files, patience please!)


Fair Oaks Ranch?




Please contact HCDT Realty at 830-321-0936 with any questions you may have about the information in these reports, to preview any highlighted available properties, or to discuss marketing strategies for your property.


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Texas Hill Country Real Estate Market Reports 

Jan. 31, 2018

Experience the Wonders of the Texas Hill County at Cave Without a Name

If you are yearning for adventure and something wonderful and unforgettable to experience, check out Boerne’s Cave Without a Name. Walk through a living cave nestled beneath the Texas Hill Country with family, friends, or on your own!


Since it is open 7 days a week from 10 am to 5 pm, there is plenty of time to enjoy this amazing feat of nature. There are tours led throughout the cave that will walk you through its magnificence and educate you on what it is you are seeing. With a knowledgeable and passionate staff, you are sure to have your curiosity fed during this amazing experience.


The tours lead you through six of the formation rooms throughout the caverns and last about an hour each. Because the tours leave throughout the course of the day, you have the flexibility to show up whenever you have time. Please keep in mind that the tours stop leaving one hour before closing.


The tickets are $20 for adults, $10 for children 6-12 years old, and free for children under 6 years of age. There are also military and group discounts available.


Throughout the heat of summer and the chill of winter, the caves remain around a moderate 66-degree temperature, so make sure to account for that when you are heading out!


If you have an eye for photography and want to document this wonderful adventure, remember to bring your camera as pictures are allowed in the caves!


One of the unique features of this beautiful cave is “The Queen’s Throne Room.” In this large antechamber of the cave, concerts, weddings, and other memorable events are held every year. The staff keeps an updated calendar of all the upcoming events in the formation room so you can plan to visit when one of these special occasions are occurring.


The musicians who visit the cave and perform in the Queen’s Throne Room remark on the wonderful acoustics and the magnificent novelty of performing at a venue such as this. If you visit the cave’s YouTube channel you can find videos of past performances that are sure to leave you wanting more.


If you are wanting to view more of the park where the caves are located, you can camp on the grounds! There are trails for hiking, picnic tables for dining, and all the open sky you could want for stargazing. The campground also has RV spaces with electricity, bathrooms, and showers at the visitors center.

Whether you want to spend a day exploring the national landmark Boerne calls its own, camping with your family, or attending a concert in unforgettable surroundings, the Cave Without a Name is the perfect place to be.

Jan. 27, 2018

Spend a Day in Boerne at the Cibolo Nature Center

On a pleasant Sunday afternoon, when a cool breeze begins rustling the leaves and the sun is happily warming the earth you may find yourself wanting to escape into the gorgeous landscape of the Texas Hill Country. One of Boerne’s trademark oases is the Cibolo Nature Center and Preserve, located behind Champion High School and the City Park soccer fields. For a taste of the true beauty this part of Texas has to offer, pack some snacks and head out for a day of relaxation and gorgeous scenery.


A great way to spend your time at the reserve is by going for a walk. Be sure to check out the miles of trails that link up to the rest of the City of Boerne trails, wind through the forest, and line the river throughout the nature preserve.


If you prefer sitting by a gurgling creek or on a dock with nothing but a fishing pole in hand, have no fears, you can also fish at the nature center! Head out to the boardwalk or just stop along the river’s edge for a great time of catch and release fishing.


If you want to eat a nice lunch with your family while you are out, there are plenty of spots where you can picnic, including a covered pavilion along with shaded tables and benches. Whatever you bring to eat though, the park asks that you throw away your trash to keep this oasis healthy for its inhabitants.


Another great spot to merely sit back and relax is by the hammocks, which are located behind the visitor’s center.


While you are over by the hammocks, stop by the center to ask any questions you may have to the workers and drop by the gift shop to pick up a souvenir from your day out. The staff knows just about everything there is to know about the nature reserve. From the dinosaur tracks to the birds you may spot by their bird watching station, they are your go-to guides to the wonders the preserve holds.


Cibolo Nature Center and Preserve is also animal-friendly, so do not be afraid to bring along your furry friend or even your horse if you wanted to go for a ride along the trails! If you do bring your dog, the nature preserve asks that you keep them on a leash for your animal’s safety and the safety of the rest of the guests.


Whether you head out to the nature reserve for a breath of fresh air, to spend time with your family, or merely to escape into the beauty of nature, Cibolo Nature Center is certain to please.

Dec. 6, 2017

No Agent Required: I'm Shopping for a Newly Built Home!

Think again. 

Today's home builders; with their dressed up model homes, easy to access sales reps, and flashy marketing materials, make it very tempting to go it alone when purchasing a new home. 

But beware the pitfalls...

Check out the article below on how to successfully negotiate the new home buying experience and start shopping for newly constructed homes in Boerne at the Newly Constructed/To Be Built Homes for Sale.

Boerne TX Newly Constructed/To Be Built Homes for Sale


A Better New Construction Home Buying Experience


It's an exciting and appealing option. But buying a newly constructed home typically entails considerably more steps and decisions than most existing-home transactions. It's hard enough to keep up with all the details, much less know how to make the best decisions. Your new home buying experience will be more successful and enjoyable if someone is looking out for your interests.

Builders and their representatives may be searching for buyers to purchase their product, but only a buyer's representative will be 100 percent loyal to you, providing advice and guidance on:

  • Builders' reputations - A qualifed buyer's rep will be familiar with builders' reputations and references and should be able to help you make a good choice.
  • Inventory - Builders aren't obligated to show you every new home they have for sale, much less other builders' homes. In contrast, a buyer's rep helps you see the full range of new and existing homes on the market.
  • Contract review - A buyer's rep can alert you when a builder's deal seems one-sided and advise when legal counsel is needed.
  • Disclosures - Buyer's reps are familiar with desired property disclosures (environmental hazards, Megan's law, pests, pollution, etc.) and can help you obtain these from a builder.
  • Upgrades - Gain input from a buyer's rep on which upgrades are most likely to improve your home's resale value, as well as guidance on making sure your home's price doesn't exceed its appraised value.
  • Inspections - New homes are inspected for compliance with municipal building codes at several stages in the construction process. However, your buyer's rep can help arrange your own independent inspections, providing another level of assurance that any problems will be spotted and resolved.
  • Financing - buyer's reps are familiar with a wide range of financing options. They can advise you on the merits of a builder's options (if financing is offered) or suggest other lending sources.
  • Closing considerations - A buyer's rep can alert you to issues that may not be addressed, including title insurance and protection against mechanics' liens.
  • Sale of existing home - If your purchase also entails selling a current home, you'll appreciate having someone representing your interests and coordinating details on both sides of your transaction.

These are just a few ways buyer's representatives can improve your experience when purchasing a new home. To learn more, talk to your Accredited Buyer's Representative.


Nov. 29, 2017

New Listing | 228 Lone Star, Boerne TX 78006

Take the tour below and then click to learn more about this great property in the Trails of Herff Ranch.

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Nov. 15, 2017

HCDT Realty | 5 Star Real Estate Services

Here at Hill Country Dream Team Realty, we take great pride in the 5 star service rating we have received since our inception. 

Take a look at our introduction video that goes out to all of our potential clients and please share our contact information with any of your friends or family who deserve white-glove real estate services.

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Nov. 8, 2017

Texas Premier Ranch Realty | Texas Hill Country and South Texas Ranches for Sale

Hill Country Dream Team Realty is excited to announce it's partnership with Texas Premier Ranch Realty! Texas Premier Ranch Realty specializes in the buying and selling of Texas hill country and select south Texas ranches. Take a look around at www.texaspremierranches.com.

Texas Premier Ranch Realty | Texas Hill Country and South Texas Ranches

Nov. 1, 2017

Texas Hill Country Market Reports, October 2017

Real Estate Market Trends


Extensive detailed market reports covering our Texas hill country market areas can be accessed at the links below. 

(Please note: The links to the .pdf reports expire in 30 days. Large files, patience please!)


Fair Oaks Ranch



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