Buyer Tool Kit

Tips for Smarter Real Estate Shopping

The Texas real estate shopper's very first consideration should be whether or not to hire a buyer representative. And the shopper's first conclusion should typically be YES. Here is why:

  1. Smart real estate buyers will not call that number on the "For Sale" sign. The broker on the other end of that phone number works for the seller. The listing broker is contractually obligated to communicate all relevant information about the shopper to the selling client. Informed shoppers let their buyer representative handle communications with listing brokers, that way the shopper negotiates from the strongest position possible.
  2. A buyer representative will represent the shopper—not the seller—and look out for the shopper's best interest. In the recent past, all real estate agents worked primarily for the seller. This situation has changed, but the shopper must engage a buyer representative by signing a buyer representative agreement to be owed the agent's full fiduciary duties.

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