The Texas heat is nothing to scoff at. It's here and it's here to stay until the first breath of Fall. Rather than stay cooped up all day, venture out into town and stay refreshingly chill with these cool tips.


1. Grab a Snowcone at Sno Biz

Nothing says summertime in Texas more than a refreshing snowcone in Boerne right next to Cibolo Creek. Try out classic flavors like cherry and apple or try out some of Ms. Norris' specials, like Boerne Sunset or Fickle Pickle. Whatever flavor you are craving, Sno Biz is sure to deliver.


refreshing snowcone at sno biz in boerne


2. Take a Dip in the Boerne Lake

Head to the Boerne Lake and cool off with a quick dip or a long swim. If you live in town, access to the lake is free with proof of address, so go as often as you can! Not only can you swim, but the lake rents out paddle boards and kayaks to glide across the sparkling surface on. Bring some food and have lunch or dinner or both while enjoying a favorite local hangout.


3. Go Ice Skating in San Antonio

Ice skating in the Summer?! I know it sounds a little odd but just hear me out. The Ice and Golf Center at Northwoods in San Antonio has a year-round indoor ice skating rink that is always a blast to visit. You don't have to worry about melting under the sun when you are gliding across the ice. Northwoods also has an awesome arcade that is a blast to check out after you finish skating. 


ice skating rink in san antonio at northwoods


4. Shop Along Boerne's Historic Main Street

One thing that the intense heat always guarantees is that stores will be cranking up the air conditioning. Thankfully we can all still enjoy stores like Ella Blu, Flashback Antiques, and Celeste despite the heat. Main Street has a huge variety of stores that are all within walking distance of each other and AC to greet you in every one. If the sun is parching, you can head over to Soda Pops for a refreshing drink or scoop of ice cream.


5. Try out Homemade Popsicle Recipies

Popsicles are another Summer staple. For a fun family activity that keeps you from having to venture out to the store for those frozen treats, try out a few Pinterest recipes like these. If it strikes your fancy, you can even experiment and create a new recipe that is all your own!


6. Go See a New Movie

The AMC Theatre in Boerne is a great place to spend an afternoon. Grab a few tickets for a matinee with family or friends and check out some of the blockbusters that are out right now on the big screen.


7. Visit the McNay Art Museum

If you haven't seen this gem in San Antonio, head out as soon as you can and soak in the artwork displayed at the McNay Art Museum. The museum is often displaying new exhibits so even if it has just been a little while since you last went, a trip is worth it. When artwork is giving you chills, the heat outside seems far away.


Garden in the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio


8. Have a DIY and Crafting Day

From creating an adorable rock succulent to repurposing old furniture, a craft day leaves everyone with the satisfaction of creating something new. Find a craft that the whole family can help with or get a headstart of gifts for loved ones. The options are endless for a craft day. If you need a little self-pampering, make a bath bomb or a homemade face mask. If you are wanting to clean up your house a bit before school starts again, make a new storage space with things lying around the house. Check out this Pinterest page for some ideas to get you started!


9. Have a Picnic at the Cibolo Nature Center

One of my favorite spots in Texas is right in town. The Cibolo Nature Center is a great place to explore the beautiful outdoors. If you bring food and a blanket, you can set up under the shade or by the creek and enjoy the day. The Boerne Public Pool and the soccer fields are just a walk away, so there are activities for everyone!