While many say that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, here in the Texas Hill Country – that could be debatable! When you consider the beauty of Texas bluebonnets and other wildflowers in the spring each year, some would say that this is the most wonderful time of the year. Have you ever laid eyes on a giant field of bluebonnets? From a distance, it looks like a body of water! The sights and smells will renew and lift your spirits as you set out to search for more wildflower sightings to behold. There are so many reasons to make Boerne your home base when you are planning a trip to the Texas Hill Country – including the breathtaking sights and smells of Texas’ beloved wildflowers!  


Why 2019 Blooms are going to be AWESOME:

It sounds as though the stars will align for some exceptionally beautiful flower selfies this year! Last summer’s drought provided dry conditions that killed off many of the plants that compete with the wildflowers. This past fall and winter, Boerne and the surrounding Hill Country also saw 5-6 inches more rainfall than it has in recent years, and it came during the perfect germination period for bluebonnets. This spring is expected to be a truly majestic year for wildflower coverage. Check out this Texas Bluebonnet & Wildflower Report Facebook page for updates on wildflower sightings!

Current Boerne Park Sightings:

Sources have said that early sightings of bluebonnets have already been spotted at the Boerne Skate Park on Adler Road. Other places around town that you can keep an eye out are the Patrick Heath Public Library, the Parks and Recreation office, and the Old No. 9 Trail. Getting out and about to explore our city parks is definitely encouraged! Boerne has beautiful scenery all over town. Be sure to snap photos and tag us on our FacebookInstagram, and Twitter pages!

Current Kendall County Park Sightings:

Kendall County parks are beginning to see some flourishment as well! Bluebonnets have sprouted early, and other sightings of Indian Paintbrush, Yellow Primrose, and Four-Nerve Daisies have all been confirmed. Joshua Springs Park and PreserveJames Kiehl Riverbend Park, and Kreutzberg Canyon Natural Area have all seen early spring buds. When you decide to venture out, use this guideto identify the flowers you don’t recognize!

Wildflower Etiquette:

Some things to remember as you’re stopping to smell the flowers:

  • Just like everything else in Texas, wildflowers are part of our state pride. Picking flowers is frowned upon, as most of the wildflowers are annual and need to produce seed to return in the following years.
  • Also, please don’t trespass on private property!
  • For your safety, be sure to pull over a safe distance from moving traffic if you decide to make a roadside stop for a closer look.
  • The beautiful flowers that we love are a part of our wild Texas environment. Keep an eye out for flora and fauna that call the flowers home such as snakes, ants, bees and more that may be considered hazardous if you aren’t expecting them.